I, ____________________________ am fully aware that Caraga Institute of Technology is obliged under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 to protect all my personal and sensitive information that collects, processes and retains on my enrollment and during my school stay.

Student Personal Information includes general personal information such as name, contact number, gender, address, place of birth, nationality, civil status and email address, etc. The school will not be limited to my personal information but other information such as:

  1. Family background including parents name, address, siblings, guardians and contact numbers
  2. Health records, physical examination results
  3. Disciplinary records
  4. Financial and billing information
  5. Photographic data such as photos, videos, signatures both handwritten and digital

I understand that the information that was collected and processed will be used solely for education purposes. This includes:

  1. Processing of enrollment and registration
  2. Marketing and Promotion of Caraga Institute of Technology
  3. Processing of statement of accounts
  4. During school events and activities
  5. Evaluation of board examinations
  6. Processing of Tertiary Education Subsidy required by CHED
  7. Processing of scholarship programs offered by the school
  8. Processing of graduation requirements by the institution
  9. Processing of Special Order to CHED
  10. Documentation of students’ data
  11. Posting of schools records in bulletin board
  1. CIT is duly obligated to protect personal data and shall be disclosed only to authorized regulatory authorities such as government agencies, Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education.
  2. Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC)
  3. Academic Linkages such as review centers and business partners who help students provide job opportunities after graduation.
Safety and Security:

CIT is committed to protect personal data through proper administrative and security measures. Only authorized personnel will have access to your personal data.

By signing this , I hereby give my consent for the processing, release, and retention of personal information.

Signature over printed name