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The School Seal

The School Seal represents the ideals and values of the institution as guided by its founders. Each element represents a value or a virtue that expresses what CIT stands for.

The surrounding circular gear represents the comprehensive 360o approach to education offered by CIT, covering both the technical side of education and the humanities side as well. It also symbolizes the well-rounded productive citizens who graduate from the institution.

The Torch: unwavering, flame dynamically burning bright. This symbolizes one of the institution’s major roles: a beacon guiding students, faculty, staff, everyone connected to CIT to a better way of life through education.

Expressing the nature of the institution, the open book represents how the institution presents its course offerings openly for all to see and benefit from.

A symbol harking back to the Roman period, the wreath represents excellence in the quality of faculty, students, course offerings, facilities and everything else about the institution.

Even as it serves as the brand of the institution, the 3 letters also stand for the values deeply embedded in and practiced by the institution: Commitment. Integrity. Teamwork.

Three people brought together represents the unity forged by the institution. It is the unity that single-mindedly works to graduate responsible, productive citizens. It is the unity that puts people in the surrounding communities together to help ensure excellence for future generations.

The Helping Hands: open and extended. These hands symbolize the institution’s character, that of a responsible scholastic citizen ready and willing to help when it comes to education, as evidenced by its affordable fees, the quality of its faculty and staff. This helpful nature is inculcated in everyone involved with CIT.

Year 1996: This serves as a reminder of CIT’s beginnings, the foundation year of an academic institution seeking to educate more and more of the youth for years to come.