About CIT

Caraga Institute of Technology is a non-stock, non-profit private institution committed in providing access to affordable and quality education to its locality.

It offers top-priority courses using results-based instruction, research and community engagement and is supported with loyal and competent faculty and staff working jointly to produce highly-skilled and proficient graduates to aid and support the growing communities of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte.

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The Vision-Mission Statement


To be the institution of higher learning recognized for affordable academic excellence in its class.


Caraga Institute of Technology affords top tier education, enhancing the quality of life of its students, teachers, their families and communities.


To find ways and means to balance the cost of education against the uncompromising high standards in the course offering.

To offer top priority courses using results-based instruction, research and community engagement as facilitated by a proficient faculty and staff.

To inspire and produce highly-skilled graduates who emerge as productive citizens helping enhance the communities of the Agusan and Caraga region.




It has been said that the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows, to quote Sydney J. Harris.

From this concept born the drive to establish college education in the countryside of Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte. A couple was struck by a vivid vision for the indigenous Mamanwas tribe that made Kitcharao their home. It was a dream that had the Mamanwas youth thriving in the community, whose quality of life was enhanced by a full-fledged college education of the highest standards.

Those visionaries were Engr. Napoleon Gonzalez Sadiasa and his wife Dr. Thucydides Chanjueco-Sadiasa.

Their dream began to take shape in 1993 with the establishment of the Agusan Colleges-Kitcharao Campus by the approval of the Agusan Colleges’ Board of Trustees through its Founder/School President- the late Federico Cueto Chanjueco.

Serving as the Founder and School President, Engr. Sadiasa steered the college to service both the indigenous Mamanwas and students from around the communities of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte as well. The college tied up with LGU Officials under the leadership of Hon. Artemio E. Delaon. Their initial premises was a rented building owned by Dr. Maria B. Niegas.

100 students caught classes in the BEED, CSC, CTC and the BSC departments of the AC Main Campus.

On SY 1994-1995, the college transferred to the Barangay Hall of Poblacion Kitcharao, still renting the same real estate. This served as the main campus until the college evolved from Agusan Colleges-Kitacharao to the present iteration as Caraga Institute of Technology (now commonly abbreviated as CIT) through the recommendation of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) Region X in 1996.

In AY 1996-1997, CIT offered the course Bachelor in Elementary Education or BEED with a concentration in English with government recognition (GR) R13-140403-05, Series of 2002.

Over the next three years, the college would invest in property on which the new college building is presently located. CIT initially offered four classrooms in 1996 with Napoleon Gonzalez Sadiasa still as School President.

At the turn of the century, the growth of the college population spurred the addition of new facilities, beginning with a two-storey building that was completed in 2001.

By SY 2003-2004, CIT began offering the course for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Major in Business Management (GR) R13-340107-01, Series of 2008.

Evolving further, the previous programs (BSED and CTC) were phased out to better service the needs of students in favor of the full establishment of the present lineup of priority courses: BEED, BSBA (formerly BSC) and CSC. The growing number of enrollees paved the way for the school to construct a two-storey administration building in September 2013. The building was then named after the founder, Engr. Sadiasa, following his sudden passing in February 8, 2014.

Amidst the agony of loss, CIT gleams with hope to continue its dream empowering its co-founder and chairman of the board, now School President, Dr. Thucydides Chanjueco-Sadiasa.

As School President, Dr. Sadiasa took CIT education into much wider and greater lengths and reach through opening Secondary Education, which is the birth of Senior High School Program in support of the Department of Education’s K to 12 Program.

On July 2015, a construction of another two-storey building with 6 classrooms commenced in preparation for the incoming SHS learners.

On June 2016, 113 Grade 11 students enrolled in the Senior High School Program pioneering the Academic Track Offerings of General Academic Strand and Accountancy, Business and Management Strand.

In a span of two (2) decades from “scarce beginning to sustainable growth” CIT increases its enrollment, expanded its infrastructures and updated its resources and facilities.

The dream by that visionary man and woman, Engr. Napoleon Sadiasa and Dr. Thucydides Chanjueco-Sadiasa, has now become a thriving, growing reality


In the beginning of foundation
There were trials and challenges
Stand with honor and dignity
Caraga Institute of Technology


We then uphold you and love you
Source of truth, wisdom and faith
Dear Caraga Institute of learning
A true molder of our future

Loyal we will be to you
Our Alma Mater so dear
Shield your honor unto shine
Will remain our guiding star

When we leave your halls of learning
Fortune sends us joy or pain
The flame of truth is burning
From the portals of CIT

We salute you and cherish you
Caraga Institute of Technology
We’ll never say goodbye
Our Alma Mater so Dear.

( Repeat Refrain, 3 rd and last Stanzas )